Viessmann Boilers & Heating Systems ~ Installation & Maintenance

Viessmann Boilers & Heating Systems

The comprehensive product range from Viessmann includes advanced heating systems for all fuel types and for every output range from 1.5 to 20 000 kW. The range is divided into the categories 100W, 200W and 200W commercial, both technically and in terms of price and so is able to offer a suitable solution for any requirement, with everything supplied from a single source, with perfectly matching system components.

Vitodens 200W

For the consumer who wants the very best, the market leading 200 series boiler is the most advanced domestic central heating boiler on the market. With a gas modulation range as low as 4.8 KW the boiler can operate at extremely low fire, making it very efficient should the demand require it. Supplied as either a combination boiler or system boiler you can choose from 26, 30 or 35 KW depending on your buildings requirement and your budget. The 200W has in built weather compensation and is a must if you purchase the Vitodens 200W boiler with its energy savings being a huge advantage. Viessmann’s patented radial heat exchanger and matrix burner are constructed from high corrosion resistance, high grade stainless steel 1.4571.

Vitodens 100W & Compact Models

Designed around a more basic concept, without lowering quality, this 100W model caters for most domestic customers who want a reliable good quality boiler at a competitive price. The Vitodens 100W still beats its rivals: after 5 years of installing these boilers we still have not been called out on a warranty visit for a breakdown. In this range you can choose from 19, 26, 30 & 35KW in system and combination boilers. Or for a traditional open vent boiler replacement they begin at 13 KW and range up to 26KW. These still carry the robust stainless steel heat exchangers and radial burners. These boilers also have a basic, but effective weather compensation accessory, which is proven to be more efficient and provide better comfort than room thermostats.

Vitodens 200W Commercial

An advanced boiler that has exceptional high build quality, with extensive features that is designed for the small to large commercial buildings. Outputs start from a single 46KW system boiler and can be cascaded up to 8 boilers giving a maximum of 840KW, covering most small to medium businesses. The Vitodens 200-W is available with optional weather compensation controls (the Vitotronic 200). Constant, small adjustments in the boiler flow temperature, in response to changes in the outside temperature, enable the boiler to run cost effectively and efficiently at lower temperatures, condensing for longer. This results in additional fuel savings of up to 15%.