Commercial & Business Plumbing

Commercial & Business Plumbing Peterborough

We understand in the business sector it is important to have a reliable efficient heating and hot water system. It's essential to keep the business running day to day and also to keep the cost low.

Any gas burning appliance above 70KW net is classed as commercial and you must ensure that the Gas Safe Registered business is competent in this field and hold the relevant competencies for what they are working on.

We currently have a number of small / medium business that we cater for, including churches, schools and various commercial units. Commercial clients can call at any moment and require quick response most of the time, and we always try to attend as soon as possible.

Ensure your gas appliances are serviced in the summer months, we will make sure all is working correctly and it will give you time to make any alterations / repairs before the winter months.

We will always give you best service and advice for your individual company needs.

Gas Safe Registered Areas Covered:

  1. Direct air fired heating
  2. Indirect air fired heating
  3. Overhead plaque and tube heaters
  4. First fix commercial pipe work
  5. Indirect fired water heating
  6. Pipe work commissioning up to 1m3